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Sausalito: California's Amalfi Coast

Just over the Golden Gate Bridge lies the bustling small town of Sausalito, known for its easy breezy atmosphere and beautiful view of the San Francisco skyline.

Things To Do:

Explore Old Town- The Old Town of Sausalito features a long stretch of water-front views with cafes and souvenir stores on the opposing side. . Be sure to check out Different coffee shops and souvenir stores all along the boardwalk.

There is a long stretch of water-front paths that you can walk down. This may have been my favorite part about visiting Sausalito. It is so calming, and you’ll likely pass lots of locals walking their dogs. Eventually, make your way into town. There are a couple of local boutiques that you can pop in and out of before visiting the Viña Del Mar Park.

Lapperts Ice Cream- No visit to Sausalito would be complete without a cone from the area’s famous Lappert’s Ice Cream. Since Lapperts is a true Hawaiian staple, you’ll find unique hawaiian-inspired island flavors on rotation, including ube, caramel coconut macadamia nut, horchata, and kona mocha chip.

Sausalito Bakery & Cafe- Located across the Boardwalk, this bakery is known for its delicious pastries and coffee. Be sure to sit on the French- style patio or pick up a coffee and pastry to go.

Davey Jones Deli- BEST SANDWICHES I HAVE EVER HAD - located in a convenience store, do not let this throw you off. Davey Jones is one of the best sub places I have ever had. Clean, fresh and thoughtfully sourced, this place is a MUST- TRY when visiting Sausalito.

Visit the Houseboats- This is one of the most popular attractions in Sausalito. The area has some very unique houseboat communities unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Muir Woods- Home of the Californian Redwood trees, this park boasts some of the tallest redwood trees and has some great hikes! I would recommend taking a whole day to enjoy this park in its entirety. However, if you are also visiting national parks in California, the scenic views at Muir Woods may not be as beautiful.

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