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Where ever you travel in Switzerland, you will be greeted with beautiful, clear lakes, medieval architecture, and high peaks of the Alps. And don't forget the abundance of Swiss chocolate and cheese! The country has many beautiful locations to travel to which include Zurich, Lucerne, Geneva, Interlaken and many more! Here is my travel guide to Switzerland.

Zurich- Motel One

If you are traveling from the airport, Motel One requires you to take a train into the city and then catch a bus to get to the hotel. However it is located in the city center of Zurich and is a beautiful hotel with amazing staff. The rooms are also extremely clean and spacious for European hotel standards. The cost of the hotel included an all-inclusive continental breakfast every morning, which was great on our wallets, as we would pack extra snacks in our backpacks for later on in the day!

Lucerne- Altstadt Hotel Krone

to get to Lucerne, we needed to take a train from Zurich. The Altstadt Hotel Krone is about a 7 minute walk from the train station and is at the heart of Lucerne. All touristic attractions are walking distance and you cannot beat this location.

Travelers tip: Beware of the cobblestone roads while rolling your luggage from one place to another! I broke my luggage bag and needed to buy a new one.


Switzerland has a fantastic public transportation system and can take you anywhere you would like to go! Google Maps will be your best friend, as the app will guide you on which train to get off and which bus to get on! Upon arrival you will be tempted to purchase the Swiss Rail Pass, we decided not to because it was quite expensive for the 4 days we were in Switzerland and we found we were still able to use public transportation at a cheaper rate.

Traveller Tip: The Swiss Rail Pass could be a cheaper option for you, depening on where you plan on traveling and how many days you will be in Switzerland. If you find that the Swiss Rail Pass would be cheaper for you, you can always purchase it online.

Day 1:

Fly into Zurich airport & head to the hotel to check in and drop off luggage! The first thing we decided to do was head to Zurich’s home mountain, Uetliberg, which was a quick train ride and hike up the mountain. We were greeted by a beautiful view of the city and got our first glimpse of the Swiss Alps! After our hike, we decided to head back into the city and explore Zurich! From the Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich’s main shopping avenue to Lindenhof, a public square with a beautiful view of Old Town Zurich, the city was bustling with locals and tourists alike! Exploring Zurich by foot was very easy and we enjoyed looking into all the quaint streets and stores! To end the day off, we decided to get drinks (Swiss Hot Chocolate, because why not?!) from our hotel bar, which was one of the nicest hotels we had stayed in throughout our Europe Trip!

Traveler Tip: While in Zurich, we recommend eating at a traditional Swiss restaurant and trying the famous fondue! If you appreciate good food, The Swiss Chuchi restaurant, offers a variety of specialty Swiss dishes from the Adler Special fondue, through Raclette to the Waadtlander fondue!

Day 2:

We ate the all-inclusive continental breakfast at Motel One and then headed to the train station to catch the first train out to Lucerne, where we would spend the next 3 days! Upon arrival, we checked into our hotel and dropped our luggage off and decided to explore the city of Lucerne! Lake Lucerne sitting amid snowcapped mountains and the old, wooden Chapel Bridge built in 1333 was quite a magnificent sight to see. We used the majority of this day to really explore the city of Lucerne and check out other touristic & local areas!

Day 3:

Day trip to Engelberg! Our trip to the Swiss Alps could not have been any better! We took a train to the city of Engelberg, where we took MANY cable cars to head to Mt. Titlis, a mountain of adventure! The mountain offered FREE snowtubing and mini bobsledding which was crazy fun to play in the snow with! Once you are done having some fun in the snow, you can head to higher levels of the mountain to view the magnificent view of the snowcapped Alps! Mid- May provided for perfect weather which was surprisingly not as cold as you would think by the amount of snow on the ground. After a long day on the mountain, we made our way back to our hotel in Lucerne, changed and went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Later, we indulged in local beer at the Rathaus Brauerei, a brewery located in the heart of Lucerne and decided to check out the Lucerne night life.

Traveler Tip: The city of Lucerne is filled with many different bars and clubs, we would recommend the Waldorf Astoria Rooftop Bar, with its beautiful panoramic views of the city and the Alps! Beware: Drinks are $$!

Day 4:

On our last day, we decided to wake up early and hike up to Hotel Chateau Gutsch, which is the fairytale castle on top of the mountain, you cannot miss! This romantic boutique hotel overlooks the stunning city of Lucerne, its lake and the surrounding Alps! (if you don’t want to hike up, the hotel has inclined lifts that transports the public back and forth) Later, we took a bus to Mount Pilatus, famous for the worlds steepest cogwheel railway! Mt. Pilatus also offers a few adventurous activities before you head to the top of the mountain, like a ropes course, hiking and an Alpine Toboggan! But all adventure aside, the top of this mountain holds the most beautiful views of lake Lucerne and the alps! Once we had completed our trip up the mountain, we made our way back down to the city to indulge on Swiss Hot Chocolate at a local cafe, one last time!

Traveler Tip: Make sure you check the website to see if the cogwheel train is running before you go up because it is very dependent on weather!

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