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Before you can say Bon Voyage, there are a few essentials that you will need to consider packing on your next summer cruise. This packing list is a compilation of all the items I brought and wish I had brought on my cruise to the Bahamas!

Below, I have attached a printable checklist for you! Be sure to add items you feel will be just as necessary to bring!

Travel Documents:

Photo ID

Passport / Visa

Boarding Passes

Confirmation Receipts (Hotel, train, bus, excursions etc.)

Cash / Credit Card / ATM Card

These documents are essential for boarding your ship, checking into your hotel and confirming your bookings. Do not forget to bring these documents as well as also having printed copies of your Photo ID and passport as a precaution.


Swim Wear & Cover- Ups

Underwear / Socks


Pajamas / Lounge Wear

Casual Shirts

Casual Shorts / Skirts

Formal Wear ( Cute Dress or dress pants and nice shirt )

Active Wear

Sweater / Cardigan

Cruise clothing can be very fun and bright! You will spend majority of your time in cute swim suits and casual shorts and shirts. It is important to check your cruise itinerary for formal themes, as many cruise lines include formal dinners in their package. The formal theme can be as fancy as you would like. There were people wearing ball gowns and tuxedos and others dressed very casual. I recommend wearing a fun summer dress or a cute two piece set for dinner paired with your favorite wedges!

Pro Tip: Be sure to carry a small carry-on bag with you onto the ship with your swim suit, a change of clothes and any other essentials, so you can enjoy the ship as soon as you board, as most cruise lines take your luggage when boarding and deliver it to your rooms later!




Jewelry / Watch

Beach hats and sunglasses are essential as cruise ship accessories, as you will be in the sun for quite some time. I recommend a cute straw hat to protect you from the sun’s rays and also make you feel like a Bahama Mama!


Sandals / Flip- Flops ( For the pool & beaches)

Sneakers (if using the gym or for excursions)

Heels / Dress Shoes

My go-to shoes to pack on a cruise are simple. I pick my best sandals to wear in and around the ship as well as also on the beaches. I pick a neutral pair of wedges for the formal evenings and I pick a pair of sneakers to use on the ships gym and also for any excursions & hikes!


Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Shampoo / Conditioner


Soap / Body Wash

Skin care products

Hair Products (brush, hair ties, bobby pins)

Sunscreen / Aloe Vera

Contacts / Glasses

Shaving items (razor, shaving cream etc.)

Lotion / Moisturizer

Bug Spray

Q- Tips, Cotton Rounds

These are my essential toiletries for any summer vacation. Of course, if you forget any items the ship does have a store to purchase these necessities. I would recommend bringing your own bottle of shampoo & conditioner onto the ship as the small bottles they provide do not contain enough product to rid your hair of the sea salt and pool water from that day!


Cell phone

Tablet / Laptop

Charger / Adaptor (if needed)


Water proof Phone case


Go Pro

I would recommend bringing as little electronics as possible, as they will most likely just sit in the room while you are enjoying your time on and off the ship! However, any cameras and picture/video taking devices should be carried around the ship to capture those epic moments with family and friends!

Health & Beauty:

Basic medication

(headache, allergy, stomach upset, sleep aid etc.)


Birth control

Hangover relief Pills

Seasick band / medication


Feminine Products

Hair styling Products

It is important to bring along any current medication/vitamins as well as any preventative medication like sea sick pills or hang over relief pills! You never know what could happen while out to sea!


Light foundation / BB Cream




Eye liner

Lip Balm / Light Lip Stick

Because you will spend majority of the day in the sun and in the pools, a light makeup look is best for the evenings on the cruise. I would recommend a light but moisturizing BB cream, some highlight for a glow, a bit of mascara and some lip balm!

Beach Bag:


Snorkel gear


Reusable water bottle

Sun screen


Beach Hat

Water proof phone case

These items are essential for stepping off the boat and enjoying the sea! I would recommend bringing a small bag to pack all your essentials for you and your family!

My Summer Cruise Packing List
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